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Upstate Live Music Calendar Benefits for Musicians and Venues

Upstate Live Music Calendar Benefits for Musicians and Venues are not limited to just having your name out there or being searchable across the various search engines.

The site can be used as a valuable resource for an artist who is looking to find new places to play! But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.

You might think that because there are almost 150 venues listed that you can just use the list and the contact information to carpet bomb each of these venues with your promo and and beg for bookings. While you COULD do that, let me explain why you SHOULDN’T do that and maybe give some insight into what does work better.

First of all, venues are going to ignore the influx of musicians who find their number and and start calling. The more that call, the more they will tune them out. That’s a fact. I’ve already heard from two places that are overwhelmed with answering inquiries this week – and I blame the calendar for that!

The problem is, people are calling and wasting their time, attempting to book the wrong type of act into a venue. A rock venue doesn’t need an acoustic duo, and a cigar lounge doesn’t want Hot As A Pepper Party Band with 7 members playing dance music. So why even try to book there?

How about using the calendar in a different fashion.

Find musicians or bands that are very similar to yours. Say you have a 4 piece band that plays old school country music. Go to the calendar, and search for “country”. Now you have a list of artists that play country. Find one that is 3, 4 or 5 piece.

Now, check out where they are playing. Click on the venue name on their calendar entry and see what other acts are playing there. Does this venue have other bands regularly that are similar?

If so – then THIS is a good candidate! Read the venue’s info on the calendar page and see if they have any special instructions for inquiries. Go to their website, and see if they have information for people wishing to book – follow their guidelines if provided, or expect to be ignored.

Still not sure? Stop in and have a bite or a beer and check it out in person. A little bit of recon goes a long way.

Optionally, if you know one of the bands that is playing at that venue, reach out to them and ask if it’s a good place to play, maybe they can give me some insight.

Finally, let’s talk to the venue owners and managers….

They can use the Upstate Live Music / Palmetto Showcase Calendar to their advantage too!

The calendar has the ability for you to enter all your shows – just login and you can enter them under your name as an even organizer. Then you can EDIT them as well, or cancel/postpone a show.

But more importantly, you have a page of your own for your venue. That information can be customized, just tell us what you want there. I highly recommend that you put a full description of what you offer (food, beverages) and whether it is a casual place or there’s a dress code.

Be SURE to tell about the types of bands that you have. BE SPECIFIC! It will help.

For instance: Johnny’s features live local music on Friday and Saturdays from duos and small combos who play Southern Rock and Classic Rock.

If you would like to be booked at Johnny’s – please only email us at and be sure to include a bio and link to your promo video and your typical rates for a 2 hour show. Please do not call.

THAT is the type of information that perspective artists would love to see!

If you need help using the calendar, reach out to me via the CONTACT FORM, facebook, etc.

— John M. Hoyt – 864-979-1224

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