Adding an event from mobile

Your first event may seem difficult, but once you’ve done it once, it should be a breeze since you can duplicate an existing event and only change the event name, venue and date/time …

First you just need to create an account and verify it then login.

Let’s start with the login.

Once logged in, use the “hamburger” menu on the dashboard to expand options:

Now select the event option:

Now you want to ADD an event:

Next, you’ll need to enter a descriptive event title and a description:

You will want to add some tags and select categories to help people search for your event and find you:

You can upload or select an existing image… If you use your band logo, you only have to upload it once, and select it from the library the next time you add an event..

Set the date and start time and end time… It defaults to AM, so you will want to set that to PM…

You’re getting closer! Select an existing venue (if you start typing the name, it should appear)

If you have not created your own Event Organizer listing, do that now. You only have to do this once, then you can select yourself next time.

Here is how you setup your Organizer listing. It gives you your own personal page so be sure to list what you want people to see:

Set the venue options… These are important because so many people are searching for places that have these features!

That’s it! Now scroll back towards the top and submit the event for approval and as soon as an editor approves it, it’ll be live on the site!

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