Adjacent Hays Late Set Smiley’s Greenville

Friday night will be lit and rocking! Across the board rock tunes will having you grooving all night! Come be a part of the amazing energy that is Smiley’s, and let’s start the weekend off right!

Adjacent Hays Acoustic City Scape Winery

Back for another wine tasting event. We will be out by the vendors, so come on out and have a glass of wine or four! This is place is beautiful and great way to start out a Saturday!

Adjacent Hays Warehouse at Vaughn’s Acoustic

Bring the whole family, grab a beer at the taphouse, a pizza, oysters, tacos, bourbon, peanuts and so much more at one venue! We will be playing all your favorites and we hope to hear you sing a long!

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Easy way to add a new event by duplicating existing one on the Palmetto Showcase calendar site

Here’s the easy way to add a new event by duplicating an existing one on the Palmetto Showcase calendar site!

Go to, use the LOGIN option at the top (might be a pull down on mobile or tablet).

Once logged in, go to EVENTS on the left side You will will see YOUR events that you have already entered.

Move your mouse over the title of an event that is similar to the next one you want to create “DUPLICATE” will appear – click it!

On the next screen, change the subject/title of your event to something descriptive of the new event.

Under that is a “permalink” which you can leave alone or edit it (if you EDIT and remove, it will rewrite it based on your new event title automatically!)

Change any verbiage in the description of the event that applies to the new one.

Change the date and time for start and ending time.

Change the venue.

Change the event URL if is used or needed. Set options such as smoking/food/age if different.

Change any tags or categories that are different.

If using custom featured logo, upload new one or select one that is already there that works.

If you are just duplicating an event for a venue that you play at often, you don’t need to change much and it should take less than a minute to change the date/time and title….


Community Demo Palmetto Showcase Palmetto Showcase Calendar

Adding your first event to the calendar

So you have created an account on the site and have been able to login for the first time.

Now you want to add your first event.

This will walk you through the process of using the event calendar for the first time…

Here’s a video walk-thru that will take twice as long to watch as it will for you to create your first event!

This video starts at the top – logging in and ends with submitting….

Your event will need to be approved by an admin before it is visible, usually within 12 hours.

Let’s do it!

Once logged in, select the EVENTS option from the menu on the left and ADD EVENT.

Create an event title – Use some variation of your name and the venue for extra points! For example: Hot As A Pepper at Old School Tavern.

Next you need an informative description. It can be as simple as you want such as “We’re making our debut at Old School Tavern”, however, the more info you enter, the easier it is for people to discover what you are about, what will be going on! This is your chance to talk them into going to your show instead of the others on the calendar site.

You will need to select a venue (you can add one if it is not there already)

CREATE an event organizer (you only have to do this ONCE) – this tells about YOU! It links all events you enter to YOU as the organizer, and allows you to edit or delete them. You can also manage multiple bands, or venues using this one event organizer!

Set a date and time to start, as well as when it will end. NOTE – it defaults to AM!

Set the options for smoking, age, food…. These 3 are very important since many people search for venues with live music that are NON-Smoking and have food. Some are searching for places that they can take their kids to.

Set a cover charge if any.

Next, set some tags – create one for you that makes it easy to find YOUR shows such as if your band is “Hot As A Pepper”, consider using that, or “HAAP” or even your own name.

Be sure to pick some event categories!!!!! These make it easy to find when people search!

Finally, add an event graphic – it can be your logo. You only have to upload it once, it will be there for you next time!